Urban Airship Wallet Studio

Urban Airship Wallet Studio

The world’s first cross-platform
digital wallet management solution.

API for Apple Wallet and Android Pay
Apple Wallet API
Reach the millions of customers already using Apple Wallet
Android Pay API
Grow & engage your customer
base with Android Pay

Create passes and
cards in minutes

See your wallet program come to life with
the drag & drop Wallet Studio Builder

Wallet Studio provides a simple, yet powerful, drag-and-drop design solution for Apple Wallet and Android Pay. Anyone can build Wallet passes or cards in minutes by simply dragging fields onto a template — user names, member numbers, coupon codes, event info, etc.

Furthermore, Wallet Studio makes cross-platform programs seamless, by automatically mapping fields between templates for each of the major platforms.

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Drag and drop template builder for Apple Wallet and Android Pay.
Segmentation & Batch Updating
Send targeted updates to a subset of your audience with Wallet Studio Tagging. This simple, flexible solution allows you to track ROI and optimize updates for specific audiences.
Easy, Flexible Integration
The Wallet Studio API is designed to be flexible and simple to integrate with your existing system. In fact, most integrations take about a week.
Enterprise Scalability
Urban Airship's modern cloud architecture services hundreds of millions of customers each day. Wallet Studio meets your high-volume needs, with features like dynamic image management and automatic queueing to handle spikes in volume.

Leverage templates to
get to market fast

Drive program adoption and increase
operational efficiency out of the box

Each wallet item you design is based on one of our cross-platform templates that work on both Google Wallet and Apple Passbook: coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards, event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards — plus a generic template that can be used for any other mobile use case.

These templates help companies drive results out of the gate:

  • Boost customer acquisition and sales with audience-segmented coupons and offers across mobile devices and the web
  • Drive program adoption through increased awareness and reduced barriers to entry for membership programs
  • Increase operational efficiency by reducing coupon distribution costs, and simplifying the delivery of event tickets, boarding passes, and more
Boarding Pass API for Android Pay and Apple Wallet Event Ticket for Android Pay and Apple Wallet Loyalty API for Android Pay and Apple Wallet Gift Card API for Android Pay and Apple Wallet Coupon API for Android Pay and Apple Wallet Member Card API for Android Pay and Apple Wallet

Track performance & engagement

Keep tabs on project performance with
live data and analytics

Wallet Studio's analytics dashboard helps you optimize the effectiveness of your digital wallet initiatives with detailed reports on all of your programs. Track customer adoption trends (number of items created, added and deleted), user segmentation, performance by platform and more.

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